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David Arkenstone : Celtic Hymns - Just As I Am  - about 4 mins


Who were the Celts?


The word "Celt" comes from the Greek Keltos, and means something like "the other" or "stranger." The Celts never called themselves Celts. The Greeks fought the Galatians, and the Romans fought the Gauls; both groups were Celts. The Celtic languages are from the Indo-European family of languages. There are two groups of languages: Brythonic, which includes Welsh, Cornish, Breton; and Gaedonic, which includes Irish (invading Gaels in 300 B.C.), Scottish Gaelic, and Manx. The Celts traveled to Ireland from Gaul and Britain. Today the League of Celtic nations (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany) attempts to preserve Celtic languages and traditions. ... read more

Celtic Christianity

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The Celtic Cross in Knock, Ireland.

Celtic Christianity or Insular Christianity refers broadly to certain features of Christianity that were common, or held to be common, across the Celtic-speaking world during the Early Middle Ages.[1] "Celtic Christianity" has been conceived of with differing levels of specificity: some writers have thought of it as a distinct "Celtic Church" uniting the Celtic peoples and distinguishing them from the "Roman" Catholic Church, while others classify it as simply a set of distinctive practices occurring in those areas.[2] Scholars now reject the former notion, but note that there were certain traditions and practices used in both the Irish and British churches but not in the wider Christian world.[3] These include a distinctive system for determining the dating of Easter, a style of monastic tonsure, a unique system of penance, and the popularity of going into "exile for Christ".[3] Additionally, there were other practices that developed in certain parts of Britain or Ireland, but which are not known to have spread beyond a particular region. The term therefore denotes regional practices among the insular churches and their associates, rather than actual theological differences...... read on  

The Theology of Sacrament - The Celtic Rite Catholic Church


Christ Our Hope Community is a Companion-in-Association within Patmos Abbey, an intentional network of Companions in the Celtic monastic tradition within the church catholic... read on



Celtic Saints

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