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Our community begin its humble life in November 2003 and to our eternal gratitude the Riley Street Community Centre (Department of Housing NSW) was made available as a gathering place. Father Peter who had been ordained deacon and then priest earlier in year for ministry in the Church Catholic begins by invites friends to join him on a regular basis for Prayer/Eucharist and lunch. At this time we were affiliated with what later became known as Ecumenical Christians Ministries. This was the early days of the independent catholic movement within Australia and we are forever grateful for what ECM gave to us. The story begins and a small faithful and diverse group and Christ Our Hope Community forms...

This small group continued to grow in our commitment to our God and to one another and to how we are to live that commitment in the 21st century. Over the next years there were many highlights and a struggle or two One such major celebration of the Lord of Life and Love at work in our midst was when in May 2009 one of our foundation members was received into the Community by Father Peter during our Eucharistic Celebration at Pentecost with many of her friends and our members' attending...

As we were growing and continually discerning where God was calling us we moved to have some meetings and conversation with others who were walking a similar journey to ourselves. We entered into a formal period of reflection and discernment...and wanted to give this process as much time as was needed, however long or short that may be...

We wanted to belong with fellow travellers while maintain our own sense of identity and purpose.

This journey was at times difficult but our efforts were rewarded when in May 2011 after much thought, prayer and discussion, the Community unanimously decided to embrace the relationship of "soul mates", becoming an entity in our own right within Patmos Companions - the Order of St Columba. This move also empowered us to be autonomous and to be self-governing within a consensus model of community.

In June, 2011 we officially changed our name to Christ Our Hope and embraced a more monastic expression of community. To this end, Father Peter relinquished his title of Pastoral Leader, after seven years and following our Rule of Life our Community Members elected Mr Walker as Founding Prior. Fr Peter became the Guardian of the community with the honoured title of "Monsignor" Our connection with the network of Priories within Patmos Abbey was formalised in July, 2011 when Father Peter was officially professed as a Companion in the Celtic Order of Saint Columba within a moving ceremony at the Patmos Abbey Chapel.

On 26th March 2012 our last service is held at 320 Riley Street Surry Hills. Sadly, after the death of our much missed friend and companion, the Department of Housing resumes the Community Room for use of Residents only. At this time we grieved two passings, of a cherished friend and companion, and what had been our home....

However, we were never far from God's faithfulness to us. Soon after leaving Riley St we were blessed to a new gathering place within the ACON building near the corner of Elizabeth and Devonshire Streets, in Sydney.

November 2013 marks ten years of our journeying together. We also saw the recognition of our faithfulness in the happy event of our Guardian, being ordained Titular Bishop of Lindisfarne. We pray that the outpouring of the Great Spirit within this special event may see us all embrace the next chapter with renewed vigour and even greater outreach to those who are often over-looked or marginalised in our communities. So, our story continues...


Bishop Peter,

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