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Letters of Ordination and Mandate to Officiate

Bishop Peter Pastor of Christ our Hope Community

Letters of Ordination and Mandate to Officiate


                                 Peter Murray Gerard Johnson


             Presbyter within the Celtic Rite of the Catholic Church

                has been elected to serve God and humanity as




                         in the kingdom of light, life and love

                   with a special care for the People of God in

                                 Christ Our Hope Community,                       

        fully empowered and authorised to exercise this ministry,              

                    accepting its privileges and responsibilities,

                        having committed himself to this work,

             not forgetting the trust of those who have chosen him;

caring alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor;

           by his words, and in his life, proclaiming the gospel,

 loving and serving God’s people of the world, nourishing them

and strengthening them to glorify God in this life and in the life   

                                               to come.

         May the God of Calling who has given him the will

                                    to do these things,

           give him the grace and power to perform them.


Bishop Peter,

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