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“Ministry: The use of a person’s gifts, talents and energy for the service of others. All people have different gifts in the church and are called to serve others in their own way.”

(page 50, ‘The Collins Dove Dictionary for Young Adults’, Laurie Woods; Collins Dove, North Blackburn Victoria, 1990).

Christ Our Hope Community, following the self-less example of Jesus and His Disciples, commits itself to reaching out to others in His Name through the Sacraments and other Works of Mercy (Matthew 25: 31 – 46).

I quote from an Unnamed Website source:

“ A major gospel statement is :

‘'The person receiving (welcoming) you receives me and the one receiving me receives the one who sent me.’

(Matthew 10:40)

In tradition, the one sent is like the sender: an envoy who is authorized to act for the sender and represents his/her

 interests. Prophets were God’s messengers. Jesus is God’s envoy. The disciples are Jesus envoys. According to

 Matthew, we all share the same Commission. We are endowed with the capacity to hear and restore and the

 capacity to disrupt and provoke. The “Good News” is disruptive. Relationships are reordered and kinship and social orders that define them, defied.

As envoys, messengers, etc, we must not forget that we are not God. Some can fall into the trap of thinking that their words are on par with God’s Word. Often we encounter distortions in failing to see the lines of authority. Your response to me is your response to God!!

Matthew emphasizes the prophet’s reward. Welcoming/supporting ‘the prophet’ warrants the same reward.

Then he refers to the ‘little ones’. Caring is also ministry. These three verses are set side by side: welcoming Christ,

supporting ministry, and caring for one another. This gospel passage echoes Jesus’ final speech: the Last

Judgment (the sheep and goats). Fundamentally, caring for people in need (and not just those in our community or

family) stands on the same level as our response to Christ. Your response to me is your response to God. Here it finds a radical answer.”

In light of the above, then, Members of our Community exercise the following Ministries:


Graham in kitchen at ACON

MINISTRY OF HOSPITALITY – welcoming Visitors to and preparing meals for our many Liturgical/Prayer Meeting/Church Functions at both our Elizabeth Street Gathering Place and Home Church venues.

MINISTRY OF PASTORAL CARE (HOSPITAL/AGED CARE CENTRES/COMMUNITY REACHOUT) – visiting the aged, the isolated, the unwell/ill, the dying.



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Supporting those who need accommodation and support post-prison especially encouraging social networking.

Providing transport to and from medical/other appointments /church meetings.


  Pingaree House

MINISTRY OF THE WORD – proclaiming Sacred Scripture at Liturgical Gatherings.



In addition, both Bishop Peter and Father Greg are available to assist anyone who requests Christening/Baptism, Marriage or The Rite of Christian Burial:


Infant Baptism

referrals are generally made directly by the person enquiring (in the case of an adult) or by the requesting family (in the case of infants/children). Liasing with the individual/family in regard to venue (home garden/Chapel of Choice) or other appropriate venue (e.g. River Park setting or Beach Reserve setting). Ceremonies are planned in conjunction with the person or the enquiring family.

Marriage/Holy Matrimony

– enquiries come from the intending Couple themselves. These are followed up with meetings where the intending couple share their journey and complete various obligatory documents as laid down by the Commonwealth Government’s Marriage Act. Both Bishop Peter and Father Greg are Authorized Marriage Celebrants and comply with Guidelines set down by the Commonwealth Government’s Attorney General’s Department. Weddings are planned with the intending couple in conjunction with those stipulated Guidelines referred to in the Marriage Act. Couples are encouraged to plan their own Ceremony as well as the venue.

Rite of Christian Burial – referrals are made usually via a Funeral Director who provides details of the One who has died as well as family contact information and Cemetery/Crematoria venue. These referrals are followed up with the family of the Loved One concerned. Both Bishop Peter and Father Greg have had extensive experience in Pastoral Care/ Ministry.


Bishop Peter (contact details as per this website)

Father Greg (contact details as per this website)

Bishop Peter



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Rosebery, NSW 2018
Phone: (02) 9588 6893
Mobile: 0419 464 353

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