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Bishop Peter Pastor of Christ our Hope Community

I am ordained in the Celtic Rite of the Old Catholic  Tradition

I elect to serve God and humanity as a Bishop in the Kingdom

Of light, life and love. With a special care for the Companions of Christ our Hope .

Mine is a " Tent maker" Ministry, as the Apostle Paul said " Those who do not work, do not eat";

Myself and others like me support our Pastoral Ministries by our secular work.

  • I was born in Sydney ( Darlinghurst, NSW) to Eileen (nee Harding) and Murray Johnson

  • Eldest of seven siblings: four brothers and two sisters  · 

  • Educated in various NSW Country and inner-City Sydney schools ·
  • My tertiary education took me firstly into the field of the Teaching where I cared for the minds of children in several NSW and Tasmanian Schools.
  • A change of career to nursing took me to care for those sick of body and mind.
  • A call to Priesthood brought me to Ordination in 2004
  • Currently I support my Pastoral Ministry  as Field Staff/Attendant Carer for (ADHC/Paraquad/Allowance Inc.)
  • As a Justice of the Peace (N.S.W.) and Authorised Marriage Celebrant (Commonwealth of Australia) I bring further funds to assist in the functioning of the of Christ our Hope.

Bishop Peter,

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