Just as I am without one plea
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  Just as I am without one plea

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 Renewal of commitment of the Deacons, Priests, Bishop and Associates


Bishop: Fellow Pilgrims, are you ready to acknowledge your call to serve in Jesus' name as members of  the people of God and sharers in his mission of a radical inclusive love within the world?

People: I am

Through your Baptism you have come to have faith in Jesus and his Community of faith. Are you resolved to become more like him by witnessing to the reality of the gospel in your lives?

People: I am

Bishop: Are you resolved to participate actively in the liturgical life of the community, to celebrate the Eucharist and other liturgical services with sincere devotion?

Will you, anointed by the Spirit of God, strive afresh to spread the love of Jesus abroad to bring healing and wholeness,

to bring good news to the poor

to bind  up the broken hearted,

to proclaim release to the captives,

recovery of sight to the blind,

to let the oppressed go free,

to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour.


People: With the Lord's help I will

Bishop: The God of Jesus has many services to be done. some are easy, others are difficulty; some bring honour, others bring reproach; some conform to our natural inclinations and material interests, others are contrary to both.

In some, we may please the Lord and please ourselves, in others we cannot please the Lord except by denying ourselves. Yet the power to do all these things is given in Jesus who strengthens us.




Faithful God,

in the name of the Lord and in the power of your Spirit,

we commit ourselves to you and to one another, to live

work, and pray as one body of disciples to trust each other

as fellow workers in your kingdom and to give ourselves

with body, mind and spirit to the ministries to which

you have called us. Give us vision, give us courage and

give us joy, that the world may believe that Jesus is

Lord, to your eternal glory. Amen.


Renewal of Commitment to Priestly and Diaconal Service


A representative person from the Companions then says to all those who were ordained.

In order to carry out this ministry, we need to be formed as a body in which these gifts work for the good of all.

After his resurrection and ascension Jesus gave gifts abundantly to the community of believers.

Some he made apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers; to equip God's people for their work of ministry to build up the body of disciples. This is the gift of order in the community of disciples.


We stand within a tradition in which there are deacons, priests and bishops. They are called and empowered to fulfil an ordained ministry to enable the whole mission of the People of God. You have been called to be deacons, priests and bishops among us.


Do you, in the presence of the Holy one and the People of God, renew your commitment to enabling and encouraging us to be People of the kingdom of light, life and love?


 All those who are ordained respond

I do.  may God strengthen the community of faith through the ministry into which I am entruated to care for the people of God. 


Bishop: Building up the body of Christ requires that we faithfully proclaim the good news, gather the People of God for worship and see that people are cared for with compassion.


 Priests and Deacons:

  In my listening may I hear,

In my watching may I see,

in my caring may I respond,

with heart and mind open to Christ. 


 Bishop: Will you be constant in prayer and study, nourish us with the story of all that God has done, and set forth the living mercy of the faith as Christ our hope Community and the Associates in the Order of Columba has received them?


 Priests and Deacons: I will.

May the scriptures continue to reveal to me

the mind and heart of Jesus

and shape my ministry.

God give me imagination and

perseverance in prayer.


The Bishop addresses the deacons


Bishop: will you, who have been called to be deacons, help us seek the lost and lonely, caring for all God's people whatever their need?

Deacons: I will

Jesus calls us to show love, care and compassion. God give us courage to strive for justice and peace among all people.


The bishop addresses the Priests:


Will you, who have been called to be priests, call us together so that we may in word and sacrament know ourselves as God's people and proclaim the Lord's saving death until he comes?

Priests: I will

I commit myself anew to this ministry.

I will proclaim the word of God and celebrate the

sacraments of the new covenant.


Bishop: My brothers and sisters, pray for your Priests and Deacon, ask the Lord to bless them with the fullness of his love, to help them be faithful ministers of Jesus the servant of all, so that they will be able to guide you to him, the fountain of your healing and liberation.


All: Lord, Jesus hear us and answer our prayer.


Renewal of commitment to Episcopal Service

The Associates, Deacons, and Priests say to the bishop or bishops present.


All: A bishop shares in the ministry of Christ as an apostle, chief priest and pastor and in the whole people of God.

The following section is said by a deacon.


Deacon: You have been called to guard the faith, unity and discipline of this Community of Christ our Hope; to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus; to maintain the dignity of the ordained ministry, and to encourage all who follow Jesus in their life and ministries above all through the sacraments of baptism and Eucharist.


The following section is said by a priest.


Priest: You have been charged to act in Jesus' name for the reconciliation of the world and the building up of the People of God; and to be in all things a faithful pastor and an honest example of the ministry of Jesus.


Associates, deacons and priests say together,


Do you now Bishop Peter rededicate yourself to this ministry and reaffirm tjhe promises you made when you were ordained?


Bishop or bishops responds

Bishop: I do.

God give me grace to guide and encourage you with all diligence and perseverance.

Pray also that in spite my own unworthiness I may faithfully fulfil the office of apostle

which Jesus within the community of disciples has entrusted to me.

Pray that I may become more like our shepherd, the teacher and servant of all, and so be a genuine sign of the holy one's loving presence among you.


All: Lord Jesus, hear us and answer our prayer.


In the following, Partners in Ministry, the first section is said by one half of those present, the second by the other half, and the third by all present.


Partners in Ministry


Left side:

We are Partners in the mystery of being set free,

Partners in the mystery of reconciliation,

Partners in the world's suffering and pain,

Partners in the way of the cross.


Right side:

We are partners in the ministry of service,

Partners in the ministry of justice and peace,

Partners in healing andf hope for the world,

Partners in the liturgy of People of God and life.



Together we reach out to the untouchable.

Together we move out to teach the untaught.

together we stand up to show Christ's love in the world.

Thankyou, O god,

For the gift and the grace of partnership

In the mystery of living.



The Bishop then says:


God calls us to unity to show the world the God-Who-Is-One-through all our ministries. May the Lord in His love keep us close to him always, and may he bring all of us, his Associates, deacons, priests and bishops and all people to life eternal;

All: Amen!


The Greeting of Peace



Christ has reconciled us to God in one body by the cross.

All: We meet in his name and share in his peace

Bishop: The peace of the Lord is always with you

All: Peace be with us all


The sign of peace is exchange with those closest to each other.


Patmos Companions Prayer:


God of eternity,

who makes all things new by your life within us:

Circle us with your love,

fill us with your Spirit,

strengthen us with your power,

that we might be bearers of your word.

Inspires others to walk in your steps

and bring new life to people forevermore. Amen



Bishop Peter,

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