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Our Hopes

As a community of compassionate practitioners, Christ Our Hope does not adhere to any political, theological, or religious ideology. Instead, we practice together as a community of hope. Here are some of the hopes that we share:

We hope in a world made better by loving kindness and compassion;

We hope to fulfil the instruction to "Love God and love our neighbours' as ourselves"

We hope to "Be as Christ to others and to find Christ in them"

We hope to bridge the divide that separates us from our God, each other, and ourselves;

We hope to practice our faith mindfully and in such a way that our thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony with our love, compassion, and our beliefs;

We hope to inspire in people the freedom to experience Christianity not as an exclusive, tired, hurtful religion, but as an inclusive, meaningful, compassionate, spiritual presence within the world of our own day and time...


Our values...

We are endeavouring to build a Community of God's People in the Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus - Christ Our Hope.

We strive continually to build a Community of God’s People in the Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus – Christ Our Hope.


Though we are part of the larger Christian Community – we have chosen to draw away from the institutional mainstream church, in order to renew our spirituality and to live a life more attuned to the gospel of Christ, looking towards that day when 'church unity' is once more.

Like the early Christian communities we draw upon the gifts and talents of the Faithful for ministry, healing, prayer, community care, hospitality and other ministries. We do not seek to take Christians away from their church communities, rather, we are an unconditionally and inclusive Christian Community, excluding no one from the Lord's Table.

In striving to follow the simplicity of the message of Jesus, we challenge ourselves to make a difference in society and work towards building peace and justice at every level. We practice the hospitality of Jesus toward all people.

You are most welcome to come and share your gifts with us!

Our beliefs...

We are catholic in our belief; and our articles of faith are drawn from the major Creeds of the Church, i.e. The Nicene, Apostle's and Athanasian Creeds:

We believe in ...

·        God who brought immortality to life in the gospel of Jesus Christ

·        The Christ who brought faith in a loving God to life in the gospel of resurrection

·        The Holy Spirit who brought hope in ourselves to life in the gospel of boundless renewal

·        Grace that is stronger than evil,

·        In mercy that is larger than suffering, and in the  Joy that is greater than death.

Creed adapted from that of MCC Sydney


Bishop Peter,

Last updated 12/02/2018 web-servant Br Andrew Blair